Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Danik, el Viajero del Tiempo (1996)

How bad is it? It has some particularly bad effects and acting.
Should you see it? Sure, if you can find a copy with subtitles.

Danik is an extraterrestrial that decides to help a couple in the suburbs of Mexico City by first impersonating an Earth child, and then doing things like keeping cigarettes and booze away for the dad. Two "Boris and Natasha"-ish secret agents are after Danik and, in the climactic scene, demonstrate that they can shoot lightning from their fingertips (done by scratching the film with a pin). Just then, Danik's mother arrives and shoots a green beam at the bad guys - a line drawn on the film in post - and they go away. The alien kid is creepy, the acting is abysmal, the plot is nonsensical and the effects are unbelievably shoddy. And it's not dubbed or subtitled.

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