Monday, July 13, 2015

The Border Menace (1934)

How bad is it? It's often cited as the worst B western, a large and sorry bunch of films.
Should you see it? Yes, if you can find a copy.

Robert J. Horner may have been the earliest practitioner of the Poverty Row school of filmmaking. He may have been given work simply because people felt sorry for him (he had one eye and no legs) and he financed his films by charging actors to be in them, for the exposure they'd get. This is one of a few films about Bill Cody (NOT Buffalo Bill), who was the least of the western heroes - though personally, I never liked Lash LaRue, who has a cult following. Bill infiltrates a gang by going to prison and getting info, but his cellmate escapes and then problems ensue. The acting is particularly bad; once you think the love interest is the worst actress you've seen, you get introduced to Polecat Pete, who is the worst ham imaginable. There are forgotten lines - no second takes - and ad libs which make no sense. The fights are hilariously unchoreographed. There's the worst prison break ever... the guy just ambles off! Then there's the explosive finale, which defies physics and is stock footage. This may not be the worst B western, but I can't think of one worse.

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