Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Deadly Organ (1967)

aka Feast of Flesh, aka Placer Sangriento

How bad is it? It's a bit dull, very weird, illogical and dated.
Should you see it? Yes. "Argentina's Ed Wood" should be better known.

This film has really interesting camerawork and an interesting feel - that alone makes it better than almost anything else I've reviewed here. A man lures women with his hypnotic organ music and then injects them with heroin to make them his sex slaves. He eventually dispatches them with an over-sized hypo to the chest. The dubbing is very bad and the 1960's dialogue is coolsville, dig? the most ridiculous scene has the police using LSD as truth serum (or maybe when the police use a girl as bait and just let her die). This was the first film by Argentina's only well-known horror director; his later efforts, though still tacky, are a bit more polished.

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