Thursday, November 6, 2014

Abduction (2009)

How bad is it? It's a 1970's grindhouse movie made much too late.
Should you see it? Nope.

The film's about a town in New Jersey that's left off the map and whose economy is based on abducting people who wander in by accident and selling them into slavery, harvesting their organs, forcing them to have babies to sell at adoption, etc. A Brazilian pop star is one of the victims, but her fans and modern technology (such as the GPS on her phone) bring unwanted attention and droves of people to investigate. The film exists solely to show unclothed women being humiliated, which was a staple of exploitation cinema, but the women in this aren't attractive (physically or by personality) and seem to have all had the same poor breast enlargement surgery, causing me to think this was cast at the cheapest of strip clubs. The movie's dull, poorly filmed and has a music score that gives me a headache.

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