Thursday, November 20, 2014

Camel Spiders (2011)

How bad is it? It's slightly worse than the typical big bug movie.
Should you see it? Giant spiders are a part of any healthy diet (of movie watching).

Every few years, another giant spider movie gets released. "Eight-Legged Freaks" and "Big Ass Spider" are too good to review here - and have great titles - but this film by the prolific Jim Wynorski is bad enough. Wynorski always has a sense of fun in his films, though at his worst, it seems that he has more fun than the audience. There are actually large spiders called camel spiders that the U.S. armed forces ran across in the desert and there were doctored photos of them released suggesting they could be enormous. This film has them brought back and accidentally released, with the typical carnage. I'm still waiting for Wynorski to return to his 1980's style of bad film, but this is better than his recent breast-obsessed films.

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