Sunday, November 16, 2014

Interview: SteveQ

1) What's your first memory of enjoying a film you knew wasn't very good?

When I was a kid, a local television station showed all the Matt Helm movies, Dr. Goldfoot movies and Su-Muru films in a week. I watched them, enrapt, thinking: why am I enjoying these?

2) Are there any films you just refuse to watch?

Torture porn. Though failed satires and movies aimed at small children are also given wide berth.

3) If someone's new to bad films, where do you point them first?

"The Brain from Planet Arous." If you don't enjoy that, there's something wrong with you.

4) Paris Hilton or Tara Reid?

Wow. Um, can I say Linnea Quigley? If I have to choose, it's Tara.

5) Do you think MST3K and SyFy Originals are ultimately good or bad for bad film fanatics?

The attention they get seems to be getting a lot of obscurities back in print, so indirectly they may be an asset, though I don't care for either in themselves.

6) How many prolific directors can you name in 5 minutes that are worse than Ed Wood Jr.?

Jerry Warren, Larry Buchanan, Andy Milligan, Doris Wishman, David DeCoteau, Donald G. Jackson, Scott Shaw, Ron Ormond, R. Lee Frost, Ulli Lommel, Fred Olen Ray, Jim Wynorski, Nick Millard, Barry Mahon, Dwayne Esper, Arch Hall Sr., Ray Dennis Steckler, Ted Mikels, Al Adamson.

[That's 16.]

7) If you watch a good movie after a bad one, does the good one seem even better in comparison, or does it get tainted?

If I watch a terrible movie, and then a merely bad one, the merely bad one seems okay. If I watch a good movie after, it seems a little worse. Great movies cannot be tarnished.

8) What was the best year for bad films?

1987 for quantity, 1958 for quality.

9) Do you usually watch bad films with others or alone?

None of my friends will let me choose what to watch, so alone, usually.

10) Is there anyone who, if they say "You have to see this movie!" you know you're in for a treat?

Though I haven't heard from him in 15 years, The Phantom of the Movies never steered me wrong.

11) What per centage of bad films you see do you think are worth the time?

It's really low. Maybe 3%.

12) If a film goes nowhere, do you fast-forward, watch it in installments, do something else while you hope it improves, or just gut it out?

All of the above.

13) Is there any title you want to see that you just can't track down?

"Blood Circus." It showed theatrically for one week at one venue in 1985. A print is extant somewhere in Mexico.

14) If your life were a bad movie, what would your character's name be?

Victim #1. Or maybe Dr. Boom Boom Van Helsing. Skankbot. Yes, call me Skankbot.

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