Friday, February 20, 2015

Killing American Style (1990)

How bad is it? It's a poor action film by people who've been in more entertainingly awful films.
Should you see it? Keep your expectations low and it's passable. For Z'Dar fans only.

It's not an allergic reaction. He just looks like that.

Amir Shervan, who directed the great "Samurai Cop" made a bunch of actioners in a few years, this one with "Samurai Cop's" Robert Z'Dar and has a cameo by Jim Brown; unfortunately it isn't either good enough or bad enough to be interesting. There's a prison break by two bank robbers, who team up with the brother of one of them, take hostages and get pinned down on a large estate. One person needs a doctor, so one hostage is let go to find medical help, but he decides to come back and kill the bad guys before they kill his family. The clothes are ridiculous. The score is terrible. The Japanese doctor is decidedly un-Japanese. The film is too long, repetitive and dull, has one nasty gratuitous rape scene that destroys any fun tone and the characters are uninvolving. It's bad, but not so bad it's good. The cult of Robert Z'Dar, however, will enjoy it.

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