Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Kindergarten Ninja (1994)

How bad is it? Worse than you'd expect from a movie with that title.
Should you see it? Yes, it's so bad it's worth a look.

I fully expected this to be another Godfrey Ho film with a title that rips off a Hollywood blockbuster - and, eventually, I wished it were. A man dies and he can get a better spot in heaven if he performs a miracle, which he decides is to teach martial arts to a football player named "Blade Steel" (yeah, it's that kind of movie) who's been given 90 days community service to teach the martial arts to children. You might actually recognize the football player, Dwight Clark, from the NFL. He can't act, but he's better than some in this film. The bad guy's name is Hector Machette, just in case you weren't certain stereotyping was used. The plot's ludicrous, the fighting poor and the budget non-existent. Given enough to drink, this could be funny.

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