Sunday, May 24, 2015

My Lovely Burnt Brother and His Squashed Brain (1988)

How bad is it? Bad enough that the film starts with the director telling you "This film sucks."
Should you see it? Sadly, no. The title's the best part.

A homely dental assistant is getting teased about her looks. She discovers that she can control her severely damaged brother by injecting him with urine, so she sends him out to kill those who abuse her. Then things spin out of control and the police come and shoot the sister, letting the poor killer go. This 52 minute Italian video is essentially a music video for a bad garage band. The film quality is terrible, even for video, the subtitles are hard to read, and the film tries WAY too hard to be a John Waters-type gross-out film. There's a meat slicer to the face and self-castration followed by self-cannibalization. Never officially released (who would want it?), there are a couple of copies of this floating around the internet.

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