Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mitchell (1975)

How bad is it? It looks like a TV pilot. It's not much.
Should you see it? It's only maybe for fans of the cast.

I didn't know why this film had received any attention lately, but it was one of the MST3K parodies that I didn't know existed that revived it. Joe Don Baker plays a cop that's pudgy, drinks a lot, has an apartment full of porn and doesn't act like a 1970's cop - oddly, in 2015, the character would do a lot better. There's some good character actors: Martin Balsam, John Saxon, Linda Evans and Merlin Olsen. There's a lot of slow chases and a lot of cars just driving around. Mitchell shoots an innocent at one point and he slams someone's hand in a car door. The final chase involves a helicopter and a boat, but still isn't involving.

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