Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ocean Drive Weekend (1985)

How bad is it? Imagine "Porky's" without any attempt at humor.
Should you see it? It's a grind, but it's fun for a while, so a mild yes.

Actors way too old for their roles go to the beach to drink and party and, in one case, try to lose his virginity. There's a stolen car, an attempt to flee the police by jumping in the ocean (different crime, though) and some mix-ups with the locals and some romance. What there isn't is comedy, though there's one supposedly comic actor. Produced by Troma and packaged like a sex romp, this is mostly a melodrama and not a very interesting one. The Drifters are heard at least three times singing the same song and among the other songs on the soundtrack is a song called "39-21-46," which sounds more like the type of film I was expecting.

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