Sunday, May 8, 2016

Blood of Dracula's Castle (1967)

aka Castle of Dracula

How bad is it? Many have said it's the worst Dracula film (it's not even Al Adamson's worst Dracula film).
Should you see it? No, unless you are an Adamson completist.

Guy bribes a guard to get out of jail, beats him to death, gets chased by dogs, drowns a woman, kills a guy with a rock, shoots a guy in the face, drives a car off a cliff and then the film starts, which is unfortunate, because it's really dull from that point on. A couple (photographer and model) inherit a castle, which just happens to have vampires, aided by a hunchback (named Mango!) who chains women in the basement and drains them of blood before sacrificing them to the god Luna. The butler, played by John Carradine with dyed hair, serves the blood as cocktails to  a henpecked Count Dracula and his wife. My main memory of this is long talky sections, but the cinematography was by the great Laszlo Kovacs (except stock footage from Sea World), there's a werewolf, women harassed by rats that barely move, a scream written off as a malfunctioning electric toothbrush (!), suggested woman-on-sea creature fetishism and a death to match Rasputin's - Mango gets axed, set on fire and pushed off a cliff. This sounds like it should be fun and lively; it isn't.

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