Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Bitch (1979)

aka Lady Diamond, aka Jackie Collins' The Bitch

How bad is it? It's a Jackie Collins book with disco. Nuff said.
Should you see it? No - unless you really liked "The Stud."

Joan Collins, fresh off starring in a film based on her sister's trash novel, "The Stud," goes on to its sequel. A nightclub owner has an affair, her marriage falls apart and she's at risk of losing her business to the mafia, so she becomes a jet-setting diamond smuggler and horse race fixer... as one does. There's lots of disco music and the film is all nightclubs and sex scenes. Her high-class Mayfair establishment is named "Hobo." There's a gangster named "Thrush Feather." John Ratzenberger has a small role and an uncredited Bill Nighy plays a flower delivery boy. Admittedly, Joan looks good for age... 46?... but that's about all the film has to recommend it.

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