Tuesday, May 17, 2016

BoardingHouse (1982)

aks Housegeist, aka Bad Force, aka Boarding House

How bad is it? It's frequently listed among "worst films ever made."
Should you see it? Yes. Connoisseurs of crap should see this.

Yet another film considered by some as the first to be shot on videotape and then transferred to 35mm for theatrical release, this is a complete trainwreck and has been compared (not fairly) to the work of Ed Wood. The writer/director/star claims that the film was originally about 150 minutes and planned as a parody, but got edited into a serious horror film coming in at 98 minutes; there's a little evidence to support this - it looks like 50 minutes is missing, all of which would be plot. The story is about a house where people have been killed telepathically and the new owner, who practices some weird yoga that gives him telekinetic powers, opens the house to rent for only young, attractive women, who then go on to have pool/shower/lingerie parties, then have hallucination and get killed off. Right from the start you know you're in for crap, when the credits are screened on a Commodore 64. There's a William Castle-like gimmick of a very poor graphic coming on screen as an alert that you can look away, as a scary scene is coming. There's a bloody shower, a monster in a closet, faces turned into (cheap) ugly masks and a few bizarre lines of dialog, like "I cut myself on the apple." Mostly, the film just jumps from one scene to another randomly, with lurching zooms and people not in frame and nothing makes any sense. The only good thing about it is the box cover art. It's one of those films that's terrible, inexplicable, but actually watchable.

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