Saturday, May 14, 2016

Blood Surf (2000)

aka Krocodylus, aka Crocodile

How bad is it? It has some truly terrible CGI and it's unoriginal.
Should you see it? Yes - it's entertaining, and that's what counts.

The latest extreme sport is "blood surfing," where guys surf in shark-infested waters after tossing chum in the water and cutting their feet. Sharks aren't the problem however, as there's a 31 foot 3000 pound prehistoric crocodile that wants to eat them. The crocodile takes a while, maybe 30 minutes, to get going, but there's plenty of nudity and sex scenes to keep one watching. When it does appear, it's okay when they use miniatures, but stupendously, hilariously awful in CGI. There's also a subplot with pirates and, while it's supposed to be near Australia, it looks like Philippines to me. There's some fun dialog: "You're luggage!" and "Crockteaser!" It's a standard middle-of-the-road giant animal attack film, but it's quite watchable.

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