Saturday, May 21, 2016

Breaker! Breaker! (1977)

aka Action Forrester, aka Cindy Jo & the Texas Turnaround

How bad is it? It's the worst Chuck Norris film, so... Steven Seagal-ishly bad.
Should you see it? If it happens to show up when you're bored.

I've seen this a few times and have stopped watching it several more times. It is a completely predictable revenge film. A small town uses CB radio to entice truckers to them and then cause them harm. One of those so taken happens to be Chuck Norris' brother and he comes to the rescue. This is one of those towns that seems to have no women, the mayor is also the town drunk, there's a villain who wears no shirt, but does wear a vest and a pirate hat and Jack Nance shows up. This was made after the song "Convoy" became a hit and was rushed to release before the film "Convoy." It follows basic western storylines, but with semis instead of horses and martial arts instead of shoot-outs. It's worth pointing out that Norris (who, by the way, hadn't grown his signature beard yet) does NOT take care of the problem; that's done by the sole female character, who gets truckers to drive their rigs through all the buildings in town.

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