Thursday, May 5, 2016

Bloodlust (1992)

aka The Lion, The Leopard and the Wolf

How bad is it? It's intentionally stupid, annoying and tasteless.
Should you see it? If you have a high tolerance for bad taste, maybe.

This film has a few former punk rockers in the cast and has a decent Australian punk soundtrack (nice to hear the Revolting Cocks) and so it's not surprising that the film has a sort of punk ethic: it's loud, it's garish, it's over-the-top and it's cheap. Three vampires in Melbourne (with horrendous "American" accents) kill for money as much as for blood. There's a lot of blood. There's a lot of so-so gore. There's a lot of sex. It's intentionally overacted and one character has the most eye-rollingly bad performance since 1934's "The Border Menace." The vampires are pursued by a religious band and they plan to knock over a casino, so the film ends with a three-way bloodbath. Along the way, we get oral castration, gay sex with a corpse, way too much fish-eye lens and not much sense that there were rehearsals.

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