Friday, May 20, 2016

The Brainsucker (1988)

aka Brain Sucker

How bad is it? It's in the running for worst-made film of all time.
Should you see it? It's impossible to find now, but if you loved "The Worm Eaters," then yes.

Herb Robbins, who was in some Ray Dennis Steckler films, made his own terrible (but fun) film, "The Worm Eaters" and then, 12(?) years later made this, an even worse film. A judge sentences a convict to medical experimentation - don't think about it - and he's attached to a machine with a switch labeled "Good/Evil" and a hunchback assistant switches it to Bad. This causes the guy to grab plastic tubing and a corkscrew and use them to suck out people's brains. The cheapness is enjoyable for a while (a fleabag hotel has a "Presidential Suite," dirt bikes substitute for motorcycles, dialog and shots get recycled), but it quickly becomes repetitive and annoying. There's an incredibly bad accent, overacting, overheard stage direction ( "Zoom!" "Louder!""Turn!" "Get out of my shot!"), terrible gore effects and not much of a plot. I've heard Ted Mikels has a role in this, but I didn't spot him. It also has an excruciating theme song.

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