Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bog (1979/1983)

How bad is it? It didn't get released for 4 years. The only VHS copies are from 1984.
Should you see it? If you miss 1950's rubber-suit monsters and the people who loved them.

A redneck fishing with dynamite in Wisconsin releases a monster from the depths. Elderly actors Gloria DeHaven (in two roles), Aldo Ray (typecast sheriff), Marshall Thompson and Leo Gordon spend most of the movie gabbing, drinking and ambling slowly. Thompson does a double-take at one point that's laugh-out-loud funny. All the kills occur off-screen and the monster's not seen very much, which is a mixed blessing. The footage is very grainy and the editing is so poor that scenes seem to become freeze-framed. The monster only attacks women, poor sound synch causes the wrong voice to come out of a mouth, "hypodermic needle" gets mispronounced in a way that makes you wonder if it's drunkenness or intentional, the lab scenes tell us the monster might be cancer - a living fossil - might be partly metal, and the plan to kill the monster involves scents and foam (the fire department "will spray anything"). The creature laid eggs and the possibility of a sequel gets posited.

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