Saturday, October 22, 2016

Haunted (1977)

aka The Glass Cage

How bad is it? Bizarre, slow and not the horror film it's advertised as.
Should you see it? No - unless a drunk shirtless elderly Aldo Ray is your thing.

This film starts with a Native American woman forced to ride a horse - topless - through the desert until she dies, because of witchcraft. One minute in and there's nine things that don't make sense, including the phone booth being installed in a cemetery, but that's 100 years after the beginning and now the reincarnated "witch" has returned and she's British and doesn't act like she's possessed. Got that? There's a decent theme song by Billy Vera, but there's also scenes missing and surreal moments like microphones on the roof. Plot points are picked up and thrown away randomly (what about the gold?) and Virginia Mayo and Aldo Ray do not class up the film; in fact, Ray appears to be drunk in part of the film. There's some nice scenery, but there's also lighting issues. It's just such a mess! Anyone expecting this to be a horror film will be disappointed that there's only one scene with blood and that's accidental.

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