Saturday, October 15, 2016

House Party 3 (1994)

aka House Party 3: The Bachelor Party

How bad is it? Very sporadically amusing comedy.
Should you see it? No. Fans of Bernie Mac and TLC might find it of interest.

For the second sequel, they had to admit that the guys were getting too old for their old routine and that's actually part of the plot, as Kid is getting married and Play is promoting another act, called Sex as a Weapon (played by TLC). The legendary high fade is also gone. The film is centered around trying to have a bachelor party. Bernie Mac, Gilbert Gottfried, Chris Tucker, Khandi Alexander and Tisha Campbell have roles, but only Bernie comes off well. There's a lot of musical numbers by TLC, Immature, R.A.S. Posse and Kid 'N Play themselves, but none are very memorable. The jokes just don't work and even the high energy of the first sequel is gone.

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