Friday, October 28, 2016

I Eat Your Skin (1964/1971)

aka Zombie Bloodbath, aka Voodoo Blood Bath, aka Zombie Blood Bath, aka Zombies, aka Zombie

How bad is it? It's not Del Tenney's worst film, but that's saying it's terrible enough.

Should you see it? Maybe on a slow night.

This sat on a shelf for years before being released under a new title as a companion to "I Drink Your Blood." It looks like it was originally intended as a humorous James Bond-ish adventure, but got changed during the making. A cancer researcher on a Caribbean island uses radioactive snake venom, which turns people into zombies that look like they have oatmeal on their faces. There's an adventurer that arrives in a funny plane crash (our "hero" just can't let the pilot do his job) and there's girls in bikinis being sacrificed by the natives. There's a lively, if inappropriate, big band musical score. The dialogue and acting are quite bad and there are some unintentionally funny moments, but not quite enough for the run time.

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