Sunday, October 30, 2016

Island Claws (1980)

aka Night of the Claws

How bad is it? No great shakes, but not terrible.
Should you see it? Maybe as part of a giant animals attack movie marathon.

I'm not sure why this film has such poor ratings, except that it is dull. Crabs are by nature slow-moving, but this movie is slow-moving enough on its own. There's a brief environmental theme that gets dropped quickly and a racist subplot involving Haitians and a dead dog. Robert Lansing, who seems to be in a lot of giant animal attack movies, stars; the people behind "Mr. No Legs" were involved in this and a pretty good mechanical monster was made - so it has some things going for it. The giant crab isn't seen much and when it appears, it roars, which is more silly than scary.

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