Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hyenas (2011)

How bad is it? The second-worst film about were-jackals. It'd be hard to top #1.
Should you see it? Not really.

I saw this by accident, looking for the Senegalese film by the same name that's based upon the D├╝rrenmatt play "The Visit." This is about as far from that as one can get! Meshach Taylor and Costas Mandylor are the names in this film where a family, seeming attacked by hyenas, turns out to be the victims of people (mostly women) who shape shift into animals. It's entertaining that the women have to get naked to transform, but the special effects (poor CGI) really detract from the film. It's completely predictable, from the cops who won't believe without evidence to the hunt of the monsters to the final showdown between two "hyenas" - which is a real let-down. There's a stupid rednecks vs latino gang sub-plot tacked on, which adds nothing.

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