Monday, October 31, 2016

Istanbul (1989)

How bad is it? Confusing and dull "thriller."
Should you see it? No.

Timothy Bottoms stars in this supposed thriller, with appearances by Twiggy and Robert Morley (in his last role, looking ill). Most of the cast are dubbed. Bottoms, an American journalist in Sweden, has a medical emergency, which seems to be dropped inexplicably from the plot. There's a videotape from the father of Bottoms' stepson, which drives Bottoms to go to Istanbul with his daughter rather than his son and then she gets kidnapped. Twiggy seems to know something about the abduction and about assassination schemes and arms dealing... and then my eyes glazed over. There's occasional shots of mosques to show they're still in Istanbul, Bottoms seems to be improvising his lines, things just get more and more jumbled and it ends. There's also a bad theme song.

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