Saturday, August 11, 2018

3 Dev Adam (1973)

aka Three Giant Men, aka 3 Mighty Men, aka Turkish Spider Man, aka Captain America and Santo vs. Spider-Man
The fun of this one comes from having a working knowledge of Marvel superheroes (and Mexican wrestling films) and seeing all of that subverted. Spiderman in this is a villain; the film starts with his having a woman buried in sand up to her neck and then having her hit by a boat propeller. Spiderman also runs a racket where he burglarizes houses - for exactly one item of no great value - and then has them auctioned off, where he buys them back with counterfeit money. He strangles someone in a shower and then impales two people having sex in another shower. He has someone killed by having his face eaten by a rat (played by a guinea pig). To the rescue comes Captain America and El Santo [I will pause here to let you have that sink in] plus the girlfriend of one of them. There's a lot of fight scenes. For reasons never explained, Spiderman seems able to bilocate and come back from the dead. If it matters, the film quality is atrocious, as there wasn't a complete copy - the first few seconds come from a copy subtitled in Greek, rather disorientingly - but that seems to add to the shoddy charm.

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