Tuesday, August 28, 2018

White Fire (1985)

Robert Ginty, looking like a cross between Larry Bird and William H. Macy, makes for an unlikely action hero, but he's probably the best one could get when you consider the plot. The introductory scene kills the parents of Ginty and his sister, who then goes on to a diamond mine in Turkey, where there's a radioactive diamond called White Fire. Everybody wants it and that's the crux of the plot, except for Fred Williamson as a pimp and his subplot and a subplot that is so creepy it makes the film: Ginty wants to have sex with his sister. He watches her skinny dip and take showers, then finds a woman who looks a lot like her, then that woman has plastic surgery (by an all-female and possibly all-lesbian team) to look exactly like her. There's some very bad gore and some flimsy fight scenes, one involving a band saw to the crotch and one where out hero brandishes a chainsaw. But it's the creepy incest angle that sticks with you - that and the title of the film, which gets repeated hundreds of times, including dozens of times in the title song which gets played repeatedly no matter how inappropriate to the action. There still manages to be long dull sequences for only 84 minutes. Oddly, the VHS print of this is better quality than the DVD.

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