Monday, August 13, 2018

Thunder III (1988)

aka Thunder Warrior III
This film rips off "Walking Tall," "Billy Jack" and "First Blood" and manages to not bring anything new to the genre of Native Americans fighting back films (like, say, "Angry Joe Bass.") It's a sequel to "Thunder Warrior" but is so cheap they didn't even budget for the whole title; you know it's cheap when bazookas are replaced with baseball bats and sheriff Bo Svenson is replaced by John Phillip Law. This time the local rednecks destroy Thunder's RV park, so he gets revenge, including blowing up a gas station (which may be repeated footage from the first film). There's some silly reaction shots and there are miniature sets with obvious toy cars. The other Native Americans just disappear when action scenes occur. It's mindless action, poorly done and occasionally entertaining.

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