Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Sweet Prudence and the Erotic Adventures of Bigfoot (2011)

This, unexpectedly and remarkably, is a good film! It's a soft-core erotic film shot in a nudist camp, with a cast of veterans in the porn-lite field. Two women seek to get evidence of the existence of Bigfoot and to get laid and those two goals get met at the same time. There is a surprising amount of Bigfoot erotica out there and recently a politician had a scandal involving his fondness for it, so it's been in the news. This has some intended humor; while the jokes are quite lame and obvious, the timing is good and I was amused (and pleasantly surprised). There's some bad effects, particularly involving a side-story involving the Loch Ness Monster, but it's better than the budget would suggest. As I said elsewhere, "If you get aroused by Jack Links ads, this is your 'Citizen Kane.' If you've ever watched a porno and thought 'This could use Bigfoot,' this film's for you."


  1. Now waiting with bated breath for your take on 'The Geek.'

    1. I forgot about that (not having seen it since 1974). Is it worth seeing again?