Thursday, August 30, 2018

Yarasa Adam - Betmen (1973)

aka Turkish Batman, aka Betmen Yarasa Adam

The Turkish Wizard of Oz is probably the best and most famous of the Turkish remakes, but this might be my favorite. Batman's a bushy-haired mercenary who takes his ward Robin to strip clubs (which seem to have full jazz bands) between fistfights. A lot of the plot is stolen from James Bond/ Derek Flint films and there's even a Blofeld-like villain stroking a cat. The music, too, is stolen and is of several types, all of which is a blast to hear; it's like the soundtrack to the porn film I'd make if I did that sort of thing. There's a lot of nudity and little sensible plot, but Batman takes off his cape before fights and takes off his mask every time he makes out with a woman - which is a lot - and the villain, whose plan involves insurance fraud of fashionistas, gets foiled. Despite its cheapness and crudeness, it's pretty entertaining.

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