Friday, August 3, 2018

Steel (1997)

aka Steel Man

I reviewed "Kazaam,"Shaquille O'Neal's better-known film, so I guess I have to do this one, which is worse. Based on a comic I've never read (I think Steel comes from the death of Superman), our hero designs weapons that are being sold to bad people, like street gangs, rather than people who should have them (er, no one). So he decides to weld himself a suit of armor; now let's think about this by itself - how heavy would a steel suit of armor for a 7'1" guy be?! and why doesn't it cover half of his face? and how mobile would he be if and when he got it on? and is there any way he could be anonymous at that size? Also in the cast are Annabeth Gish, Richard Roundtree (there's a "Shaft" joke), Judd Nelson as the villain, Ray J, Charles Napier and Hill Harper, so this could be useful in a Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game. The plot is silly and contrived and the performances look like it was more fun to make than watch. It's bad, but it's not very enjoyable, even when making jokes about how bad Shaq was at free throws - which is an actual plot point.

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