Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Suckling (1990)

aka Sewage Baby

How bad is it? It's a good idea squandered. Not completely awful.
Should you see it? It can't be recommended to those who would watch this kind of film.

This is a strange case: a good premise that fails for the opposite reasons than most films of its ilk. A girl has an illegal abortion in a brothel and it gets flushed, mutates from pollution (growing fangs, glowing green and growing fast) and goes back for revenge. The baby is a fairly good special effect, popping out of toilets. It then covers the house in an amniotic sac of sorts, grows to be a guy in an obvious monster suit. There's a low body count, little gore (lots off-screeen), little nudity and endless talk that has nothing to do with the plot. The soundtrack has drop-outs of the sound effects, which are distracting. This could've worked, but didn't.

A young girl has an illegal abortion in a house of ill-repute. The foetus is flushed down the toilet and into the sewer where, nurtured by pollution and goodness-knows-what, it survives, harbouring a grudge and glowing greenly. It then sets about popping up out of the toilets and picking off one-by-one all those responsible for its sorry fate. It is aided by the fact that all those involved are the kind of people who - on being told that there is something in the bathroom making a noise like the devil incarnate - proceed to shove their heads down the pan for a really good look.

Well, I first saw this on video in the early 90's when it was on release in the UK as "Sewage Baby", and it was so awful that I have never forgotten it. There was a kernel of a good idea here, but it was made with such technical ineptitude that even the folks at MST3K would only have been able to watch in gob-smacked silence. The photography is dire. The sound appalling- there are silent gun shots, footsteps that suddenly disappear halfway down a flight of stairs and then suddenly start again. Some of the cast are obviously actors, some are just as obviously not. The special effects are of the "let's have a Halloween party in the garage" school, with lots of atmospheric net curtains.

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