Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Transmorphers (2007)

How bad is it? IMDB rating of 1.7 and made by The Asylum: Bottom of the barrel.
Should you see it? No.
Director Leigh Scott has made a score of films for The Asylum; this one reportedly was the highest budget film for the producers up to that time, but it doesn't look it. The sound especially is poor, as voices aren't synced and some explosions are silent. It was in the theaters at the same time as "Transformers," so it must've been rushed, intending to confuse people with the similar title. The world has been destroyed by giant robots, except for a small underground army that includes lesbians and a cryogenically frozen warrior. There's a plot twist - rare for these films - and a fun sequence with flying bikes. There's little explicit gore or sex, which while a pleasant change from what I've been watching, does add to the general dullness.

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