Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Pootie Tang (2001)

How bad is it? It's on a par with most 5 minute sketches turned into full-length features... poor.
Should you see it? Maybe in short bursts. It's sporadically amusing.

Written, directed and produced by Louis C.K. and created by Chris Rock, this has "cult" written all over it. A musician with a magic belt given to him by his father, fights corporate America's attempt to get him to endorse addictive products. There are a few insightful jokes, but it's mostly a guy who's slang is unintelligible. The cast, aside the main character, is interesting: Chris Rock, J.B. Smoove, Jennifer Coolidge, Robert vaughn, Wanda Sykes, Andy Richter, Kristen Bell, Missy Elliott, Bob Costas, Conan O'Brien and Gwyneth Paltrow all have roles (many short cameos).

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