Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Vacuum Killer (2006)

How bad is it? Seemed awful, but I saw it in a language I don't speak.
Should you see it? Only gorehounds would find it mildly interesting.

Available only by mail order, this is a Belgian "grindhouse" film; I borrowed a copy from someone who actually paid to watch it. It's in French, without subtitles, so I missed the finer points, if there were any. A cleaning lady commits suicide after being fired. Her son tries to revive her, but just ruins his arm. He gets painkillers from a drug dealer and, under the influence, grafts a vacuum cleaner to his arm. there's Russian Roulette, painting nude bodies, a perverted priest and a long killing spree where most of the gore isn't shown - which probably is a letdown for the intended audience, whoever that might be.

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  1. english and dutch subtitles are on the zeno pictures release