Friday, April 8, 2016

Active Stealth (1997)

How bad is it? It's nothing but cliches and not amusing because of them.
Should you see it? Don't waste your time.

This is one of Fred Olen Ray's worst action films. There's a lot of shooting, but it's monotonous action and uninvolving. After a failed mission in Mexico where his partner was lost, a pilot is sent back with a stealth aircraft to retrieve him, only to find out (spoiler alert) that it's a trap and they just want to steal the plane. The only attempt at characterization involves hero Daniel Baldwin's wife not being able to have children... which, of course, leads to a pregnancy by film's end. Usually reliable Fred Williamson is wasted. The film is nothing but recycled ideas, which could've led to a good campy film, but it's played straight. There's surprisingly little flying footage for an aviation film.

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