Monday, April 18, 2016

Ba'al (2008)

aka Ba'al: The Storm God

How bad is it? It's slow and humorless.
Should you see it? No.

A Sci-Fi Channel original, this film has as archaeologist trying to collect four amulets to cure his terminal cancer, but that instead brings back the Sumerian storm god Ba'al, causing a storm that threatens to destroy the planet. The film is dull and talky, has obvious plot twists, poor special effects (though on par with the budget) and is dead serious in tone, even when they plan to destroy an evil cloud with red glowing eyes by detonating an atomic bomb! There's a heist at the beginning, with over-armed museum security, that leads to a killing and then the framing of another scientist, who gets chased by the government. There's what appears to be an asthma inhaler substituting for cancer meds. There's a plucky young female meteorologist that isn't believed by the military weather experts (?!) until it's almost too late - you know, a stereotype.

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