Monday, April 25, 2016

The Bees (1978)

How bad is it? It's a cheap film rushed to screen, with terrible effects and acting.
Should you see it? Definitely.

This came out the same year as "The Swarm" and attempted to cash in on its success, years after "The Deadly Bees" (already reviewed here), "Killer Bees" and "Savage Bees." [Yes, I've seen all of them.] John Saxon and Angel Tompkins play scientists trying to stop billions of smart bees who want us to stop polluting their world. There's lots of stock footage, bees that are no more than dots on the screen, John Carradine with both the worst German accent and worst death scene ever and a speech - by the bees, mind you - at the United Nations. There's a quick shot of Gerald Ford, if you look, plus a Jimmy Carter impersonation. It's ludicrous in plot, direction, acting and effects. I'm not sure why I didn't include this before; perhaps I was confusing similar films.

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