Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Allnighter (1987)

How bad is it? It might be the worst film of its type. Probably not, but it's in the running.
Should you see it? No!

If you're a Susannah Hoffs fan, this is the best you'll get.

Susannah Hoffs of the Bangles tried to be an actress - and failed - and started here, in a film written and directed by her mother. That might explain the awkwardness of the sex scene. It's a "one crazy night" film and a "beach party" film, where three girls (a wasted Joan Cusack and Dedee Pfeiffer are the others) attend a beach party blow-out at the end of college and Hoffs is seeking Mr. Right. There's no music by the Bangles, but 80's mainstays Love and Rockets and Timbuk 3 are on the soundtrack, as are some anachronisms, like Otis Redding. The dialog is painful, the humor falls flat, the guys on the beach are more attractive than the women and nothing really happens.

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