Monday, April 11, 2016

Alien Predator (1985)

aka Alien Predators, aka The Falling, aka Mutant II, aka Cosmos Mortal

How bad is it? It's a mixed bag, but it rips off everything you've already seen.
Should you see it? Sure. It's sometimes good and sometimes so awful you'll laugh.

Lots of fright wigs in this flick.

Skylab crashes into Spain and five years later, a cow dies: not exactly an auspicious start. Lynn-Holly Johnson, Dennis Christoper and Martin Hewitt are teens traveling through Spain in a road movie/rom-com who run into virus-created zombies that look like 80's heavy metal hair bands with Halloween masks. There's some decent gore, but there's rip-offs of Alien (a creature bursts from a stomach) and Andromeda Strain (alien virus turns everyone into killer zombies before they die) and countless references to The Twilight Zone. The creature shows up just at the end... and gets defeated by a windshield wiper! The film ends with either the doom of mankind, or maybe just a nosebleed.

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