Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Assassin's Bullet (2012)

How bad is it? It's among Christian Slater's worst, which is saying something.
Should you see it? It has moments, but you'd have to really like bad action films.

Filmed in Bulgaria to save money, most of the budget appears to have gone to the salaries of Christian Slater and Donald Sutherland, both of whom look like they're doing the bare minimum for a paycheck. This is a knock-off of La Femme Nikita, with a truly terrible actress playing the femme fatale. Slater plays a FBI agent who blames himself for his wife's death, so he goes to Bulgaria to start over and then gets dragged into searching for a vigilante that's killing off terrorists on the Most Wanted List. The action scenes are at best improbable. There are plot holes and such obvious foreshadowing that the "surprise" is predictable, despite silly plot twists that would never happen. There's belly dancing - not really a big thing in Bulgaria - and psychiatrists and split personalities and some bad wigs.

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