Sunday, July 20, 2014

Jaws 3-D (1983)

[Day one of Shark Week]

aka Jaws 3, aka Jaws III

How bad is it? All it has going for it is 3-D, so it's pretty sorry.
Should you see it? No.
A 35 foot great white shark and its baby enter a Seaworld-like park in Florida and it starts attacking people in 3-D. Underlit, boring 3-D. There's two good effects: a floating arm and the shark explosion at the end.

Every 30 years, 3-D sounds like a good idea. The first 3-D film was made in 1922, there was a spate of them in 1953-1954, another group in the early 80's and a bunch in the past few years (2014 has been relatively 3-D free). This film appears to have been made to provide work for the producer's wife, Lorraine Gary, whose role grows with each film - and each film is worse for it - and someone must've promised Jaws 2's production designer a directorial effort, because this is the only film he ever directed; watch and you'll see why. There's no tension at all.
Lou Gossett, Jr. does a creditable job of acting, but the rest of the cast (Dennis Quaid, Barbara Eden, Simon MacCorkindale) are just fishbait. The younger cast are uninvolving and didn't have many other films to their credit.

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