Saturday, July 19, 2014

Surf Nazis Must Die! (1987)

How bad is it? It's very shoddy.
Should you see it? It has its charms and it's one of those films people will ask if you've seen, so yes.
That's Dianne Copeland making the most of her screen time

This is the movie that put Troma on the map. A catchy title, a strange idea - post-apocalyptic surf movie and some marketing created a hit of sorts. A cheap, shabby, mean-spirited, heavy-handed, senseless, leaden, violent and odd hit. An earthquake levels L.A., so Mad Max-type anarchy rules and the Surf Nazis rule the beach, while fighting the Samurai Surfers. There's a lot of mediocre surf footage. Bobbie Bresee has a good minor role and the heroine is a heavy, middle-aged black woman, which is a nice change. Despite all its inadequacies, it is watchable.

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