Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag (2007)

aka Aag, aka Ram Gopal Varma's Indian Flames

How bad is it? It's considered the worst film from Bollywood by many.
Should you see it? No.

Of the hundred thousand Bollywood films, I've only seen a couple dozen, but others have said that this is the worst one and so I sought it out. I couldn't find a subtitled or dubbed version, so I watched it in Hindi, but I think I didn't miss much. It's a remake of the classic "Sholay," but not a good one. A politician's bodyguards get caught in a mess, assault a police officer and flee. They get hired by a gangster. They get caught and agree to take him down from the inside, but they get jailed instead. Then they get hired to take on a sadistic bandit, who, when he finds out he's being hunted, threatens to kill innocents until the two are brought to him. There's also two romances and, unlike most Bollywood films, only one musical number. Mostly, this film will be remembered for terrible performances.

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