Monday, July 28, 2014

Satan War (1979)

How bad is it? I think I could make this film for under $50.
Should you see it? It's just too plodding, so: no.

The title is a true over-sell. Even "Imp Tussle" would be over-sell. A couple has supernatural things going on in their house: a crucifix gets turned upside down, brown sludge boils over on the stove, green slime drips from a kitchen cabinet, etc. There's some talk. Then the woman gets attacked by an unseen force (I forget just how seriously and I'm not going to watch it again). Then a few more odd things happen and they call in a medium/psychic who tells them to leave (once you've been attacked, do you really need that advice?) They stay around and more odd stuff happens and the woman scares away the demon by wielding the crucifix. It's all interiors and two characters - very minimalist.

There's monotonous narration, a terrible synthesizer score and two tacked on scenes bookending the film, the last one showing a voodoo ceremony.

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