Monday, July 21, 2014

Jaws - The Revenge (1987)

aka Jaws 4: The Revenge

How bad is it? Preposterous plot with a TV movie feel. Nicely shot, though.
Should you see it? No; it's not quite preposterous enough.

It took four years for enough people to forget how bad "Jaws 3-D" was and someone decided to fund yet another sequel.  This one has Lorraine Gary billed first, as she's the only one to have survived the first three movies. The story has Gary and her family going to the Bahamas and the shark, now smart and motivated, follows them seeking revenge! They must've seen "Orca," which has a similar idea, and which remarkably kind of works. This film, unfortunately, doesn't have the plot or acting that saved "Orca." It does have Mario Van Peebles playing a dreadlocked Jamaican scientist, for what that's worth (namely, a chuckle) and Michael Caine plays a charter pilot that has very little to do and not much screen time.The most entertaining part of the film is when the shark raises itself up on its rear fin and roars like a lion. The shark gets impaled on the bow of a sailboat at the end.

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