Thursday, July 31, 2014

Skeeter (1993)

How bad is it? It's better than the previously reviewed "Mosquito."
Should you see it? Sure, if it shows up on late night television.

Once again toxic waste causes giant mutant menaces, this time mosquitoes (a first, which has been repeated). Charles Napier plays the sheriff (as usual), Michael J. Pollard plays a weirdo (as usual), William Sanderson plays a health inspector plays a health inspector (surprise!) and George "Buck" Flower plays a hillbilly (as usual). The film starts with cattle deaths - the dead cows could be anything - then has some funny mosquito point of view shots (tinted green) and the film climaxes in a mine shaft, which gets blown up. The dialogue is clunky, there's a long dull stretch and the special effects are cheap, but this is a much more enjoyable film than most of its ilk.

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