Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Prehistoric Women (1967)

How bad is it? It's by far the best cavewoman movie I'll review here.
Should you see it? Yes.

I'm including this so one can distinguish it from the 1950 film of the same title. Using sets from "One Million B.C.," this has Martine Beswick returning, this time as a cruel queen of a brunette tribe that enslaves rhino-worshipping blondes. A male hunter comes upon them, gets rescued from rhinos, falls in love with a slave, but the queen also wants him. This has a cult following: it has decent production values, good if somewhat stylized acting and a lot of pretty women in skimpy outfits. The plot has a ton of holes and they worship a rather embarrassingly phallic totem, but the quality is definitely better than in most cavewomen movies. It's no Raquel Welch and One Million B.C., but it's not a bad imitation.

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