Saturday, August 30, 2014

First series complete!

I've gone through the alphabet for bad movies and have reviewed 400 of them. I'm now going to take a deserved break. Here's 152 more I'm considering including:

Airport 1975
Alabama's Ghost (1973)
The Apple (1980)
Bad Biology (2008)
The Barbarians (1987)
Batman and Robin (1997)
Bats 1999
Beast of the Yellow Night (1971)
Behemoth (2011)
Ben 10: Race Against Time (2007)
Bigfoot (2012)
Bibleman (1996)
Black Dawn (2005)
Black Gestapo (1975)
Black Heat (1976)
Bloody Mallory (2002)
Body Rock (1984)
Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (2000)
Brazilian Star Wars (1978)
Bugs (2003)
Burial of the rats (1995)
C Me Dance (2009)
Captured (aka Agent Red) (2000)
Carnival of Blood (1970)
Catwoman (2004)
Cemetery Gates (2006)
Chainsaw sally (2004)
The Christmas Martian (1971)
Chriatmas Season massacre (2001)
Collision Course (1989)
Concorde: Airport 1979
Confessions of a Window Cleaner 91974)
Cool As Ice (1991)
Creating Rem Lezar (1989)
The Creeps (1997)
Crocodile 2: Death Swamp! (2002)
Cross of the Seven Jewels (1957)
The Curse of the Aztec Mummy (1957)
Curse of the Queerwolf (1988)
Daniel - Der Zauberer (2004)
The Day the Earth Stopped (2008)
The Dead Hate the Living (2000)
The Dead Next Door (1989)
Deadfall (1993)
Deadly Daphne's revenge (1987)
Deadly Prey (1987)
Deafula (1975)
Demonicus (2001)
Die hard Dracula (1998)
Dirty Love (2005)
Divine Emanuelle: Love Cult (aka Love Camp) (1981)
Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs (1966)
Dolla Morte (2006)
Don't Open Till Christmas (1984)
The Doorway (2000)
Double Dragon (1994)
Double Trouble (1992)
Double-D Avenger (2001)
Down Among the "Z" Men (1952)
Dragon Wars (aka D-War) (2007)
Dragonball Evolution (2004)
Dragonquest (2009)
Dungeons and dragons (2000)
Fantasy Mission Force (1983)
Fatal Deviation (1998)
The Final Sacrifice (1990)
Flash Gordon (2007)
Flight to hell (2003)
Foodfight! (2012)
The Forbidden Dance (1990)
Forbidden Flesh: As Seen from a Hayloft in the Hills (1966)
The FP (2012)
Frank McKlusky, C.I. 2002
Fugitive Rage (1996)
Future War (1997)
Ghost Chase (aka Hollywood Monster) (1987)
Ghosts Can't Do It (1989)
Gigli (2003)
Girls School Screamers (1986)
Glitter (2001)
Granny (1999)
Grease 2 (1982)
Grim (1995)
Grizzly II: The Predator (aka Grizzly 2: the Concert) (1987)
 Gunslinger (1956)
Half Past Dead 2002
The Halfway House (2004)
Harpies (2007)
The Haunting of Morella (1990)
Headmistress (1968)
Heartbeeps (1981)
Hercules and the Captive Women (1961)
Hercules in New York (1969)
Highlander II: The Quickening (1991)
The Hillz (2004)
Homework (1992)
Horror House on Highway Five (1985)
The Hottie and the Nottie (2008)
Howling II: Your Sister Is a Werewolf (1985)
House of the Living Dead (aka Curse of the Dead) (1974)
The Human Centipede (2009)
Hunting Creatures (2001)
I Am Here... Now (2009)
I Was a Teenage Strangler (2008)
If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do? (1974)
The Immoral Three (1975) HOW DID I MISS THIS?
Inbred Redneks (20010
The Incredible Adventures of Jakob the Guru (1983)
Incubus (2002)
International Guerrillas
Jack and Jill (2011)
 Jack Frost 2: revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman (2000)
Jailbait Babysitter (1977)
Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter (2001)
Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008)
Kazaam (1996)
Killjoy (2000)
The Legend of the Titanic (1994)
The Magic Voyage (1992)
The Maize: The Movie (2004)
The Marine (2006)
Max Knight: Ultra Spy (2000)
Megiddo: Omega Code 2 (2001)
Metal Shifters (2011)
Morozko (1965)
Nazis at the Center of the Earth (2012)
Nick Fury, Agent of Shield
Ninja Terminator (1985)
Osombie (2012)
Overlords of the UFO (1976)
Paintball (2009)
Piranha 3-D
Pledge This! (2006)
Prom Night (2008)
The Pumaman (1980)
Quest for the Mighty Sword (aka Hobgoblin) (19990)
Robocop 3 (1993)
Robowar (1989)
Rockula (1990)
R.O.T.O.R. (1987)
Space marines (1996)
Spring Break Shark Attack (2005)
Street Fighter (1994)
Super Mario Bros. (1993)
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)
Surf Ninjas (1993)
Swamp Shark (2011)
Teddy Bears' Picnic 2002
Theevan (2012)
Torque (2004)
Ultraviolet (2006)
Vice Girls (1997)
The Wicker Man (2006)
Xtro II: The Secret Encounter (1990)
Zombie Apocalypse (2010)
Zombie '90: Extreme Prejudice (aka Zombi 7) (1990)

So what did I miss?

 Added 9/15/2014

Alien private Eye 1987
Back from  Hell 2011
Badi 198The Bashful Elephant 1962
Beyond the Seventh Door 1987
Cannibal World 200The Chilling 1989
Commando Mengele 1987
Creature of Destruction 1967
D'Wild Wild West 1982
Daddy-O 1958
Danik, el Viajero del Tiempo 1996
Ghost Shark
Half Human 1958
Homoti 1987
House of the Dead 2003
Identity Crisis 1989
Jersey Shore Shark Attack
Magic Lizard 1985
Marci X 2003
Night Claws 2013
Octaman 1971
Quigley 2003
Road to revenge 1983
Simon Sez 1999
Son of the Mask 2005 
State property 2002
Sting of Death 196
Teenage Zombies 1957
Terror in Beverly Hills 1984
Theodore Rex 1995
Turkish Wizard of Oz 1971
Viking Women vs the Sea Serpent
Werewolf in a Women's Prison 2006 

added 9/22

Postal (2007); Santa with Muscles (1996); Dark Harvest 2:The Maize; Vampire Blvd.; Big Sister 2000; Rollergator; Search for the Beast; Hollywodd High, Part 2; Ben and Arthir (haven't I done that one?); Curse of Bigfoot; Da Hip Hop Witch; The Party at Kitty and Stud's; The Magic Christmas Tree; Curse of the Zodiac; Green River Killer; B.T.K. Killer; The Weird World of LSD; Ring of Terror; Ax 'Em 

Added 9/29

Birdemic 2, Vampire dog, 6 degrees of Hell, Blubberella, Xombies 3D, Acid Head: The Buzzard Nuts County Slaughter, Vixen Highway 2006: It Came from Uranus!, Santa Claus vs. the Zombies, Furry Vengeance, Vampires Suck, Tales of an Ancient Empire, Frankenpimp, Transylmania, An American Carol, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Meet the Spartans, The Scorpion King: Rise of a Warrior, Highlander: The Source, Epic Movie, Metamorphosis, The Wicker Man (2006), Spymate, The Crow: Wicked prayer, The Fog (2005), Boa vs. Python, Inspector Gadget 2, Chupacabra, Tail Sting, 2001: A Space Travesty, Soul Survivors, Voodoo Academy, Octopus, The Bare Wench Project, The All New Advenures of Laurel and Hardy in "For Love of Mummy", Men in White, Carnival of Souls (1998), Club Vampire, Justice League of America, Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, Mindbender, Lawnmower Man II, Forest Warrior, Pet Shop, The Mangler, Galaxis, Hologram Man, Prehysteria! 2, The Neverending Story 3, Project Shadowchaser 3, The Item (1999), The Gingerdead Man, Cave Dwellers (aka Blade Master, 1984), The Final Sacrifice 

Added 10/2

Hollywood Cop, American Commando Ninja, Andy and the Airwave Rangers, Geteven (Road to Revenge), She Wolves of the Wasteland (Phoenix the Warrior), The Lords of Magick, Gooby (A Ted Named Gooby), Bruce Lee vs. Gay Power (Kung Fu Contra as Bonecras) 

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  1. A remarkable feat! And I like your list of possible future reviews. I've seen "Bigfoot" with Danny Bonaduce, and "Cool As Ice" when I was in college. Both are terrible and worthy of a review, if for no other reason than to hear Vanilla Ice try to quote Shakespeare.

    I would also add the Sheen/Estevez "Men At Work." It's my favorite bad movie. Not very good at all, but for some reason it still makes me laugh.