Wednesday, August 20, 2014

USS VD: Ship of Shame (1942)

aka The Story of the DE 7

How bad is it? It's one of the worst military training films.
Should you see it? Do you really want to see close-ups of diseased penises?

I'm including this, though I'm intentionally leaving out of my films such things as driver's ed. films and industrial jeopardy films, because it gets revived occasionally for bad film festivals. It's a navy training film, retitled for video, warning about the dangers of getting venereal diseases while on shore leave. There are some shocks to be had showing exactly what syphilitic chancres look like; as I recall (30 years after seeing it) all of them they show are uncircumsized, which raised more questions than it answered; I don't recall any more if it includes footage of fourth stage syphilis (neurological) or if that was another film I saw about the same time.

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